High-end infrared thermal gear

High-end infrared thermal gear

Using the latest technology of 320 x 240 pixel UFPA sensor、in addition 2 million pixel visible camera、 new IR + Visible synthesis image function、 built-in LED lamp and laser marker, provide the ability to shoot clear infrared and visible light images,and have the complete measurement and environmental compensation correction functions to obtain the most accurate data.


Main engine, AC adaptor, power cord (for AC adaptor), lens cap, battery pack (optional) battery charger (optional), power cord (optional for battery charger), SD memory card (optional) Wrist strap, hand strap, USB signal cable, carrying case, accessory software


Multi angle portable design

Ergonomic design, with the functions of “single hand detection” and “multi angle photography”, fast auto focus and “full-automatic (auto setting of focus and detection temperature block at the same time)”, it has a 32 × 24 ° wide angle of view which can be detected in a wide range and is very close to the target.

Combined with image quality enhancement and wrist strap design on the handle, the operation is more convenient and it is easier to obtain high-quality image.

Precise and high sensitivity monitoring

It can be measured at temperatures up to 1500 ° C (there are four options for temperature monitoring), etc., which exceed the melting points of aluminum and iron.

High sensitivity detection temperature range, with a temperature resolution of 0.04 ° C, high sensitivity measurement of – 20 to 60 ° C objects.

High pixel camera function

Visible light uses a 2 megapixel camera and LCD lights to capture visible images in the dark. Equipped with laser indicator, it is used for measuring objects that are difficult to specify the observation position even in the visible image.

Easy operation support for multiple languages

It can clearly distinguish the “side-by-side display” of the visual image and the thermal image of the detected object, and the diversified “composite display” functions, with simple graphic guidance and multi-national language display of up to 16 countries.